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One of indicators for the college graduate quality in Indonesia is accredited or non accredited or how much the accreditation value is obtained by the college. Some guidance aspects in conducting assessments in accreditation process are as follow: 1) quality of graduate,  2) lecturer and staff’s profesionalism, 3) facility (facilities and infrastructure), 4) fund, 5) management, 6) leadership style, 7) birocration, 8) family foundations, 9) environment, 10) students’ input, 11) curriculum, 12)  the used of information technology.

 The emerging problems namely the fact that there are many education sections in many colleges either public or private which have not completed their accreditation yet. Indeed, this condition cause the problems of its own, for instance the difficulties of creating the competitive condition among the graduates who will be generated. One of the alternative solutions from the college organizer, both public and private is by applying system approach which is offered by Aristotle with its 8 steps: needs, objectives, constraint, alternative, select, implement, evaluate, and modify. In order to review the educational problem; accreditation is one of the problem, can not be done pragmatically or partially; however, should be viewed as an integral and intact in order to get the holistics, complete, and comprehensive solution.

  The college which haven’t been accredited by the College Accreditation National Institution (Badan Akreditasi Nasional Perguruan Tinggi, BAN-PT) have to give the serious respons toward the systems related to the quality, for example, recruitments, facility, lecturers/educators’ quality, and supervision management


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